The Westin, 1900 5th Ave.
Dec 04, 2019 12:00 PM
Rabbi Daniel Weiner
The Westin, 1900 5th Ave.

The Holiday Spirit: Reveling in Our Differences and Affirming Our Shared Ideals

Senior Rabbi Daniel Weiner believes passionately in building Judaism for the 21st century and in healing the world through social justice.  Weiner and his team won the Religion Action Center’s Fain Award for their campaign on gun responsibility.  His efforts with other clergy contributed to the founding of the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, which drafted and helped pass Initiative 594 in 2014.  This measure was designed to require background checks to be run on every person purchasing a gun in the state of Washington, even those who do so via private sales.  Work on implementation of the law and about gun responsibility continues.

Rabbi Weiner's columns have appeared in The Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Haaretz.  Weiner wrote Good God: Faith for the Rest of Us about the dangerous polarization between fanatical faith and soulless secularism.

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