Online Program
Mar 25, 2020 12:00 PM
Revisiting Servant Leadership with Howard Behar
Online Program

Join us for an online program featuring a gem among our recent speakers – Howard Behar. His inspiring words on the importance of good leadership and putting people first are particularly fitting during these trying times. This video program will be released on our YouTube page at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, March 25. 

If you ask Howard Behar what defines a great leader, he’ll tell you great leaders serve. That doesn’t mean they are subservient or weak. It simply means they’re motivated by a genuine compassion for people. In other words, they care deeply about their employees and customers, and they act accordingly. Howard’s career in business spans more than 50 years, all in consumer-oriented businesses covering several industries. He retired from Starbucks Coffee after 21 years where he led both the domestic business, as President of North America, and was the founding President of Starbucks International. During his tenure, he participated in the growth of the company from 28 stores to more than 15,000 stores spanning five continents. He served on the Starbucks Board of Directors for 12 years before retiring.

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