Westin Hotel and on Zoom
Feb 15, 2023 12:30 PM
John Oppenheimer, Columbia Hospitality
Westin Hotel and on Zoom

The Hospitality Business is a Community Treasure and Team Sport

As CEO of Columbia Hospitality, John Oppenheimer is a true travel and tourism visionary and entrepreneur with a passion for the hospitality industry.

In addition to launching Columbia Hospitality in 1995 (to manage Bell Harbor International Conference Center for the Port of Seattle), John has also founded five successful, private hospitality-related businesses.

John is a University of Puget Sound graduate where he earned his Bachelor's degrees in Urban Affairs and Political Science. He and Deanna were honored for their continued service and philanthropy with the dedication of Oppenheimer Hall at their alma mater.

He is a husband and proud father of two adult children, and his passions include spending time with family and friends. An interesting fact is that John first learned about great customer service as a young sky-cap at the Boise, Idaho airport, carrying luggage. The word that best describes John is: grateful.

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