Connecting for Good - Service Above Self


The Rotary Club of Seattle creates strong relationships, increases understanding, and serves critical community needs.

A Powerful Force For Good

Of thousands of Rotary clubs in the world today, Seattle was number four. It’s a legacy that our business and community leaders take seriously, gathering weekly to manifest the Rotarian ideals of friendship, fellowship, and service. As one of the world’s largest Rotary clubs, we can and do make big things happen - and you can help us achieve even more. 

Our Commitment to Social Justice 

In response to the recent acts of violence against Black Americans across the United States, the Rotary Club of Seattle determined it was time to document our position on the continued struggle against racism towards all people of color in our society.  The Rotary Club of Seattle is proud of our rich history of work on diversity and inclusion and was one of the first Rotary clubs in the world to welcome women to join as full-fledged members.  Guided by our values and beliefs, we strive to foster an environment where every member of our club is able to thrive because of our differences, not in spite of them.  In that spirit, we will continue to do the work necessary to become active allies of those who are victims of racism.  Our position is articulated in these documents:

Rotary Club of Seattle Resolution on Racism and Social Justice
Rotary Club of Seattle Implementation and Action on Racism and Social Justice

Rotary Club of Seattle  Statement Denouncing Racism and the Marginalization of People

Service Above Self: Our History, Our Future

For the past 100 years, the Rotary Club of Seattle has played an instrumental role in helping to develop the international organization and to meet the needs of deserving people in our community and elsewhere. For one, we pioneered the ideal of service as a core Rotary value. We also led the way in sharing Rotary locally, regionally, and across the Pacific. Above all else, Seattle #4 has always exemplified the ideals of community service. For a historical perspective on our first 100 years, please download our 2009 Centennial Anniversary booklet (PDF). 

Quality Membership

Quality of membership has always been of prime importance to Seattle Rotary. We have consistently sought out leaders in a wide variety of business professions throughout the Seattle area. Today, we work proactively to make sure our membership represents the diversity of men and women in positions of leadership in the Seattle community.

Rotary Code of Conduct

The Rotary Club of Seattle is a registered 501(c)(4) organization.  Copies of the organization’s 990s, as well as Conflict of Interest, Whistleblower, and Document Retention policies are available upon request.  Please contact