Posted by Paul Casey on Jan 19, 2022
President Jimmy Collins called Seattle Rotary Club #4  to order at 12:30 pm on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.
For the second time in several months, the meeting was held in person at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle and also broadcast via Zoom. President Jimmy honored Dr. Martin Luther and talked about what this week meant to him.  He elaborated on his remarks about Dr. King at the end of the program.  
President Jimmy introduced Don Murphy who was accompanied by Freeman Fong in  leading Rotarians with the song of the day:
National Anthem.
The Inspiration for the Day was led by Nancy Cahill. She talked about an amazing twist during  Dr. Martin Luther King’s "I Have a Dream Speech." What emerged as the most memorable part of his speech, was not actually contained in the original text.  Mahalia Jackson, one of his guests present at the speech on August 28, 1963, said to Dr. King in the middle of his speech, "tell them about the dream..." Dr. King departed from his written text and spoke about his "Dream." Many scholars consider this speech to be one the greatest speeches of the 20th Century. 
President Jimmy welcomed Rotarian guests, followed by Jane Pryor, who introduced the newest member: Jenni Cox.
President Jimmy introduced Sea4s Committee co-chair David Bobanick
David spoke about an initiative to rejuvenate the new member program.  The goal is to create networking opportunities for new members. The first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jan 27th via Zoom. 
Stephen Morse introduced Tremain Halloway the featured speaker, via Zoom. Tremain began his remarks by saying there is a serious shortage of workers in the maritime industry in the Puget Sound Region, which includes boat building to Marine Biology. There is an effort underway to prepare high school students for the maritime industry.   Tremain said there is an aging workforce in the maritime industry and  Maritime High School (MHS) has been established to fill the gap. 
Tremain cited a traditional African warrior greeting as his inspiration: "How are the children?  What do the children need?"
He asked Rotarians to speak with each other and see how they would answer the two questions.  The following are some of the comments: "Great future, encouragement, opportunity, good role models, belief in them, equity, 
being listened to, respect, grace, patience, leadership, constructive challenges..."
Tremain said that his rallying cry: "All of the children everywhere need you."  Children he said need the expertise, wisdom, and knowledge that adults have attained. Tremain went on to explain the short history of MHS. It opened in Sept. 2021  as a project-based learning school.  It is designed to be a multi-cultural, generational, and hands-on experience.
A video was shown to explain the various facets of MHS.  The goal of the MHS is to cultivate new talent and seek students from unrepresented neighborhoods. The Highline Public Schools,  one of the most diverse districts in the country, Port of Seattle, Duwamish Industrial Coalition, and the Northwest Maritime Center are major backers of MTH. 
Tremain closed his remarks by outlining how Rotarians and the community can help MHS succeed.  Curriculum support, philanthropic gifts, recruiting students, ( 8th and 9th  graders,) mentoring, and providing internships are some of the ways. Tremain closed with: Let’s keep connected and celebrate the future.
David Fain introduced the program for next week. The featured speaker will be Rotarian John Adams, who will  provide an 
Annual Economic Update.  Where is the economy headed?
President Jimmy talked about his experience growing up in the segregated south. He was living in a city when President Eisenhower called in the National Guard to help integrate a local high school.  
He closed with, it's not about a perfect union but seeking a perfect union. It’s about choice.  He said that Dr. King was all about civility and respect.
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