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Apr 13, 2022
Frank Blethen, Saving the Free Press
Online Program

Can Democracy Survive the Loss of Our Local Free Press System?

Frank Blethen is publisher of The Seattle Times/, the second-largest newspaper on the West Coast and the most-visited digital information source in the state.  The Seattle Times is known for its strong local coverage and in-depth investigative reporting. The Times has won 11 Pulitzer Prizes – most recently, the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting and has been a Pulitzer finalist 14 other times since 1982.

The Seattle Times is one of the last independent and locally owned newspapers in the United States, in its 125th year of public-service journalism and Blethen family stewardship.  Frank is a member of the fourth family generation. Currently, there are nine members of the family’s fourth and fifth generations active in The Seattle Times management and governance.

Frank is a strong advocate for preserving the local free press system and active in pursuing public policy. He remains steadfast in his commitment to independent journalism and family-owned businesses and is a longtime participant in the national grassroots movement opposing newspaper and media ownership consolidation. Frank is also a longtime passionate advocate for high-quality public education for all school children, across income and racial barriers.

The Blethen family, The Seattle Times, and Frank Blethen are known as strong advocates for diversity, inclusion, and gender equity and have consistently received significant local and national recognition for their commitment and leadership.

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