March 2, 2016

 Kevin Harrington - Inventor of the Infomercial, Original Shark on Shark Tank and As Seen on TV Pioneer - is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.

In 1980 Harrington started The Small Business Center and Franchise America. Kevin, as a real estate and business broker, sold thousands of businesses and then offered one stop services.

 While watching television one night in 1984, Kevin noticed that sometimes the only thing on the screen were the color test bars that stations ran when they had nothing else to air, thus giving him the idea to produce the industry’s first 30-minute infomercial to fill that dead air space, which is what coined him the Inventor of the Infomercial. During his career Kevin launched over 500 products that resulted in sales of over $4 billion dollars worldwide and 20 products that reached sales of over $100 million. In 2009, Kevin was selected as one of the original ‘Shark Tank’ Sharks on the ABC hit show. As an innovator and pioneer in the industry, Kevin has been featured on over 150 Shark Tank segments on ABC and CNBC. In 1990, he was named one of the 100 best entrepreneurs in the world (by Entrepreneur Magazine). Kevin also founded As Seen on TV, Inc. and acquired, the world’s largest web site featuring as seen on TV products.

In 2015, Kevin launched his Culture of Corporate Innovation venture, as a “Disruption Leader” he introduces corporations to comprehensive strategies that will help them leverage their #1 asset – their employees. Disruptive Leadership is about fostering a culture of game changing innovation that provides the framework and motivation to generate those ideas and execute those solutions. Kevin’s belief is that the accelerating speed of innovation demands a new approach to innovation leadership - a new way of fostering counterintuitive ideas, forcing improbable insights and opening minds. This is an essential skill for any business leader and their employees, from a small start-up to a global corporation, with the desire to transform organizational processes and behaviors. AT&T, Pfizer and Microsoft are just a few of the corporations who have benefited from Kevin’s game changing approach and “disruptive” strategies.

Kevin is partnering with Excellent Cultures, Inc., located in Redmond, WA. in order to combine the strengths of his dynamic motivational creativity with their proven process to build and sustain high performance corporate cultures. Cultures have used science and process to build and sustain Cultures of Corporate Excellence for nearly four decades. Patterned after Kevin’s own leadership culture profile, combining the magic of his innovative entrepreneurial style with Excellent Culture's proven process has become a “win-win” combination. Corporations and their employees who see Corporate Innovation Culture as a market differentiator are surging ahead of their competitors. AT&T, Pfizer and Microsoft are just a few of the corporations who have directly benefited from Kevin’s game changing approach to collaborative innovation.

Kevin is the founder of the Global Leaders Organization and the ERA (Electronic Retailers Association), now in 45 countries. He is also a co-founding board member of Entrepreneur’s Organization. Harrington is on the board of University of South Florida (USF) entrepreneur programs, and teaches regularly.