March 16, 2016

The Washington Coalition for Open Government is proud to present “Police Body Cams, Dash Cams, and A Camera on Every Street Corner:  Invasion of Privacy or a Necessary Step Toward Safety and Accountability?” a panel discussion before Seattle 4 Rotary on Wednesday, March 16th.  The panel comes from a variety of organizations and represents diverse opinions on the issue. The participants on the panel are:

Moderator Juli Bunting is a communications consultant and author with a background in journalism and state government and she is a former member of Seattle 4. Her late husband, Kenneth F. Bunting, was the former Associate Publisher of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and was a founding board member of the Washington Coalition for Open Government where she now serves as Communications Director. She is a former board member of Texas Common Cause where she worked on extensively on open government issues.

Panelist Eric Stahl is a media and intellectual property attorney and partner with the law firm Davis Wright Tremaine. He represents news organizations, journalists and others in public records, First Amendment and intellectual property matters. He spent five years as a newspaper reporter before attending University of Washington School of Law, where he graduated in 1997. Eric is a member of the WCOG Board of Directors.

Panelist Josias Flynn is a trial attorney who represents clients in a wide range of civil matters.  He also partners with the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington (ACLU) to defend and promote the civil rights of Washington citizens.  Josias works on issues at the intersection of civil rights and public safety.  This includes advocacy to promote the effective use of police body cameras in a way that balances concerns about police accountability and citizen privacy.

Panelist Mary Perry is the new Director of Transparency and Privacy for the Seattle Police Department. This is a new position with SPD as part of its re-organization of public disclosure response and enhanced compliance processes. Perry oversees public disclosure and directs the department’s efforts to proactively provide data and information to the public. She began serving with the City’s Law Department in 2005 as an Assistant City Attorney in the Municipal Law Section, where she focused on public records issues and compliance.