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There are eight service committees within the Rotary Club of Seattle which are eligible to submit proposals for SRSF funding each year.  Potential grant applicants need to know the following:

  1. Every service committee grant proposal must have a club member as its primary advocate.  That advocate cannot be a staff member of the organization seeking funding by the proposed grant.
  2. The proposal must be approved by a sponsoring service committee, signed by the current committee chair, and submitted to SRSF on the standard SRSF proposal form
  3. Service committee proposals for the next cycle of funding must be submitted to with a copy sent to the  SRSF Grants Chair, Lauren Domino ( by April 19, 2019.  Each service committee must submit a cover sheet indicating their priority order for all proposals submitted that year.
  4. Service committee proposals will be evaluated by the SRSF Board and approved for funding by May 31, 2019.  Service committee chairs will be notified during the first week in June of the grants awarded.  Each service committee chair is responsible for notifying all applicants and their advocates of the outcome of their grant request.
  5. Funding for the grants awarded will be available after July 1, 2019.  Requests for the release of funds must be made by the project advocate to the sponsoring service committee chair along with the necessary disbursement information (payee, memo line info, amount, address). The service committee chair must fill out the “Service Committee Payment Request” form and send it to, the 2018-19 SRSF Grants Committee Chair Lauren Domino ( and the 2018-19 SRSF President Jeff Borek (
  6. The service committee is responsible for submitting final or progress reports to the SRSF Grants chair by April 30th.  The report should include a photo and a brief summary (100 words or less) that can be used in the SRSF Annual Report.  Future requests for payment will be held until all reports are received. (Download Grant Report Form Here)