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Two gifts...We change the world

Step 1: Make your gift to Seattle Rotary Service Foundation (SRSF):

We ask all of our our members to make a gift of at least $400 per year to the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation. To join the Pinkam and Skeel Circle, the minimum donation is $1,000. 

Please click this tab to donate online to SRSFusing your credit card.  Donate Here

Click HERE for the SRSF contribution form to print a blank form.  Fill it out and snail mail it to SRSF.

        Seattle Rotary Service Foundation
        1215 4th Avenue, Suite 1215
        Seattle, WA  98161


Step 2: Make your annual gift to Rotary International (TRF):

We ask Rotarians to make a gift of $100 or more to Rotary International. This year, more Rotary International funding will also come back to Seattle service projects than ever before. To qualify for our full matching gift potential from Rotary International, Seattle #4 must achieve a minimum of 50% club member participation and an average annual gift of $100.

You may make your donation with a credit card directly to The Rotary Foundation by clicking HERE.  Or, you can print our form by clicking HERE.  With our form, you will have the option to donate by check or credit card.  Please send your completed form to:

Rotary Club of Seattle - TRF
1215 4th Avenue, Suite 1215
Seattle, WA  98161


Please note that we require two separate checks (one payable to Seattle Rotary Service Foundation; one to Rotary International/TRF)

Thank you for your support!

SRSF EIN:  91-0612120