Current Projects

Service Committees receiving funds from the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation include the following:

ARTS: Mission of the Arts Committee is to be an advocate for the arts - not only within Rotary but within our community.

BUSINESS MENTORS:  The goal of the Business Mentors Committee is fostering a collaborative partnership between Rotary and the UW Foster School of Business. Business Mentors Program was launched in 1997 to help guide University of Washington Business School students through their consulting process with small inner-city businesses.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Reviews and evaluates community needs and matches some of those needs to our club's service priorities. The output of this activity may take the form of a recommendation to the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation or to a specific committee whose mission is most closely aligned with the opportunity.

SUSTAINABILITY: The goal of this committee is to foster a greater understanding of and commitment to stewardship of the  environment,  and to improve the health of the Puget Sound region by promoting educational, fellowship, service, and advocacy  opportunities for Rotarians.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE: This committee serves to fulfill Rotary's mission of "advancing international understanding, goodwill, and peace." The committee is responsible for selecting projects that impact the health, education and welfare of less advantaged people in other countries, with a particular emphasis on youth.

ROTARY BOYS & GIRLS CLUB:  This is more than a committee, in its capacity this group’s is responsible for developing methods whereby the talents and expertise of members can assist the Rotary Boys & Girls Club in fulfilling their mission. They are also responsible for developing the policies and systems to make this happen.

YOUTH, SCHOOLS AND EARLY EDUCATION: Provides broad-based support to enhance the education and well being of all youth in our community. With education and youth among the highest service priorities of this club, members have the opportunity to provide leadership and support where it really matters.