Service Foundation

Our Story

For over 100 years, the Rotary Club of Seattle has been dedicated to helping others in our community and throughout the world. Much of the club’s philanthropic work is accomplished through the Seattle Rotary Service Foundation (SRSF) of which all Seattle #4 Rotarians are automatically members.  The Foundation’s budget is raised through our annual member fund drive, and it is both our privilege and obligation to contribute to this worthy cause every year.

The Seattle Rotary Service Foundation’s Board of Trustees is responsible for allocating funds to the club’s committees, overseeing the foundation’s investments, and raising funds.  The committee allocations help these groups reach a broader community both locally and globally, providing invaluable services.



  • President – Jeff Borek
  • Vice President – Trish Bostrom
  • Secretary – Tom Mesaros
  • Treasurer – Neil Larson
  • Immediate Past President – Kathy Williams


  • George Twiss
  • Jeff Borek
  • Lauren Domino
  • Candy Lee
  • Mike Troyer
  • Kathy Williams
  • Trish Bostrom
  • Tom Mesaros
  • Jean Seidler Thompson
  • Lynn Lindsay
  • Nancy Cahill
  • Cynthia Chirot
  • Trent Mummery
  • Jeff Pritchard


  • Historian - Don Murphy
  • Foundation Liaison - Catherine Burnell