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Of thousands of Rotary clubs in the world today, Seattle was number four, and we’ve been growing ever since. It’s a legacy that our business and community leaders take seriously, gathering weekly to manifest the Rotarian ideals of friendship, fellowship, and service. As one of the world’s largest Rotary clubs, we can and do make big things happen in our local and global communities. 

Over the decades, Rotary Club of Seattle has provided a forum for prominent people from business, civic, and academia in the United States and around the world. They have found the club to be an excellent venue to present their views on topical issues and encourage support for their programs and causes


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January 17 at the Hyatt Olive 8


Two small words with such enormous meaning. The MeToo movement was an important storyline in 2017 and it’s just getting started. Natalie Brand from KING5 News will talk to three women who understand the issue all too well.

Mona Lee Locke, former journalist and Washington State first lady went public about sexual harassment in the workplace in 2016 and has since become a powerful MeToo voice. Kari Tupper, was one of the predecessors of the movement when her sexual assault case against former Senator Brock Adams went public 30 years ago. And Wendy Gillihan, a local Human Resourses specialist and a victim of sexual assault herself, will share some perspectives on what workplaces can or cannot do, legally, to make things safer for all employees.   

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We meet Wednesdays at 12:00pm at various venues across downtown Seattle. Check our calendar for details. 

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